About Me


My name is Moja si and I was born on the small Lastovo island which is situated in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. I was created from natural olive oil and St. Johnn’s wort flowers, thus giving me the whole energy and natural benefits of the cantarion oil, and I’m proud of my antibacterial, antiviral, revitalising and antifungal capacity. My flavonoides, hypericine and tanines are perfect for skin care, and I’m also frequently used for skin burns. You won’t believe this: I’m also eatable! You may check that in Konobi Fumari, small restaurant at the
centre of Lastovo village.

Many customers from Croatia and abroad have known me for a long time as a balm for ears, body and soul – try me and you, and I will be happy to help you with my energy and my powers.
I will look forward to being available to the whole family in your home. Enjoy my touch!

Moja si Creme