More about the curing capacities of the
Cantarion oil


St.John’s wort (Hipericum perforatum) contains about 55 mg % vitamine C and about 55 mg % carotine, as well as to 10 % tanine matter. Cantarion extract heighten the serotonine and noradrenalinne concentration within synapses, which produces its antidepressant feature.. This feature was recognised far in the middle Ages (Paracelsus), and the modern medicine approved that in 1970-ies. It is said that the cantarion collects the sun’s rays in the summer, and gives them to us in the winter.

Cantarion oil (Oleum hyperici) arises when the St. John’s wort flowers are macerated in olive oil. It is widely recognized and used for healing many different health conditions, like skin problems, skin burns, hemorrhoids, acnae, fungi and skin infections. It also helps in back and muscle pain when massaged into the skin. It also softens the rough skin.

The Cantarion oil is without any chemical preservatives or aditives present in MOJA SI Creme.

kantarionovo ulje za ispod teksta o ljekovitim svojstvima